Pre-Pointe Assessments

Traditionally; dance teachers decided who would get their pointe shoes and when. With the increase in research into dance medicine, pre-pointe assessments have been developed to look at young dancers from an objective standpoint.

The pre-pointe assessment generally takes 1 hour to complete and all dancers are provided with an individualised exercise program. True Potential Physiotherapy recommends that young dancers start their pre-pointe journey 6-12 months prior to getting their pointe shoes. Many students will require follow-up appointments to work on the findings from their initial pre-pointe assessment, this is to ensure they are technically sound and strong enough to embark on the next stage of their ballet training. Pre-pointe assessments are offered to students aged 11 years and older. True Potential Physiotherapy strongly recommends that young ballerinas participate in at least 3 hours of ballet technique training per week and be in their 4th year of ballet training as recommended by the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science.

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